What began as a mentor and mentee relationship around building a purposeful and sustainable path as an independent artist, turned into a powerful process of looking inwards and towards a path of self-love.
This process grew into something we wanted to share with the world. Through mentorship, workgroups, and in the near future, a workbook, we want to help others in the art of becoming.
Our Vision at the Art of Becoming LLC, is to create curated experiences and materials for our readers, students, and participants that encourage self-love, wellness, and collective healing through:
  • Coloring pages
  • Workbooks
  • Workshops and events
  • Art work and apparel
  • Stationary
  • Speaking Engagements
  • + many more
What emerged from this journey was a few key sentiments:
“I wish I learned these skills of loving myself sooner.”
“Oftentimes, maybe all the time, we aren’t taught how to love ourselves.”
“Everyone deserves the chance to learn how to become more self-loving.”
We leaned into these thoughts and the question arrived to us:
How can we support others on their journeys towards developing self-love? How could we do it our way? With creativity and through art? And in community?
The answer became clear to us. We will take what we created and learned and share it with the world.
This was the birth of Art of Becoming, LLC. We spent the last three years reflecting, creating, and developing a vision and manifesting a book that mirrored the transformative journey that was experienced between us.
We began sharing this in our inner circles and our larger communities and what we learned, rather quickly, was that healing and developing self-love should not be done in isolation. Our community began building and the positive feedback continued to grow.
We combined our experiences as mentor and mentee, as artist and healing practitioner, as educator and entrepreneur and launched forward into our collective dreams.
We are excited to heal and grow alongside you.

What is the Art of Becoming: Self-Loving?

The Art of Becoming: Self-Loving is a part of a series of intuitive coloring workbooks created and illustrated by the Art of Becoming team.
If you would like to learn more about The Art of Becoming: Self-Loving or interested in becoming our publisher click our link below

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